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An Illuminator of Science & Humanity

Vision of Global Wellness

'Luminous', the non profit organisation registered in Chennai, India, in the year 2012, with the vision of 'Global Wellness' through the mission of Science & Humanitarian sectors.  

This mission is planning through,

        Research wing for Health & Wellness

        Community wing for interactive humanitarion ligistic

        Community support with micro-business promotions and self-sufficient villages. 

         Direct social interactions for care and bear 

Care & Bear

Food and Nutritions 

Malnutrition is a major issue in the poverty areas and uneducated areas.  

Our wellness team devot their attantion on such areas to promote awarness and provide their necessities. 

Pain & Palliative

Palliative care is specialized medical care for people living with a serious illness. This type of care is focused on providing relief from the symptoms and stress of the illness. The goal is to improve quality of life for both the patient and the family.

Our care & training program focus providing skilled volunteers. 


We value the pwer of literacy and education in its own perfect meaning.  Social, ecomonimical and political future of a nation lies in the hands of children. 

Due to poverty and other scinarios many kids are still away from schools and proper education system. 

We do our bit liaisoning with those who volunteerly dedicated to serve this sector.

Humanitarian Logistic

                            The Perfect Sharing

The word Humanitarian Logistic is normally considered with disaster management or natural calamities.  

To safe guard from poverty and medical and other basic necessities we developed a interactie interpersonal logistic method. 

voluntary contribution of medical or education ietme can be done through our portal.

Charitable organization/groups can register with us and upload their recurring or present requirements.  

Our logistic management backend will fulil the requirements from the donors. 


Herbal extractions &

food products

India is very rich in its bio-diversity and medicinal herbs.  We are mainly into the natural way of preparations based on Indian healthcare philosophies.  Our food products and external herbal formulations are completly free of chemicals. 

Healthcare integrations

Under the label of 'Bio-Plasmic Modulation Therapies' (BPM Therapy), we are conducting clinical and phisilosophical studies on integration of Indian concepts of health system.  We connect Ayurveda, Sidha, Yogic empowerement (Kriyayoga, Vasayoga, Chandrakalayoga etc), Music & Sound energy management, Natyayoga, Liguistic and speech therapy etc. 


Wellness research mainly focused on Mental health oriented wellness and wellbeing.  The stress, strain and its impact in human body, life style and the social impacts are the main concern in this studies.  

The concept of 'Practical Psychology' is the main development for stress and strain management with a five zone approach. 

Community economy

Proper study and practical support to villages to become self-sufficient throuh micro-business platforms and agricultural development. 

Skill development training, 

Rural & Urban India connectivity programs

International opportunites & cultural tourism

Artisans promotion programs

Special stress care program for farmers and house wifes. 


Science & Technology Promotion Counsil (SATPC) is sector specially developed to promote interest and modern technical assistance for rural and urban area students. 

It is a platform to generate curiosity from school level and to help projects and idea development for higher education students. 

Contect contests., brain sharpening programs, formation of science & technology clubs, sharing international knowledge through village education ceters are the main areas of focus.