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Science & Technology Promotion Council is a rural India development platform under LUMINOUS TRUST, to promote science & technology integrated with humanity. 

Innovative Idea Promotional programs

Science & Technology club with an international coordination.

Heritage Indian International Journal for Health & Wellness.

Luminous Trust will be announcing a wide India Technical Platform to promote quality education and profesionalism for next generation India. 

As per our Vision, Science & Technology with Humanity is the simple formula to achieve a healthy growth for the future of India. 

This project targets the empowerment of manpower from rural India  in the field of science & technology for achieving an equilibrium with the urban India. 

                            LUMINOUS -                              An Illuminator of Science & Technology

A Registered Charitable Trust, in Chennai, Tamilnadu

Luminous trust

The contest is conducted by Science & Technology Promotion Council of ‘Luminous’ Trust. Luminous is registered under Charitable registration act at 2013. Luminous – An Illuminator of Science & Humanity, is formed to conduct scientific studies and researches of ancient Indian systems.

Luminous conducts researches and clinical studies on Healthcare, Practical Psychology, Well ness, Medical Technologies, Cyber Security and Progressive Education Psychology.

In this global competition era, there is a necessity of powerful brains, Active minds and efficient youth to compete.  

20th August 2020

In Delhi


'Science & Technology Promotion Council'

Annual National Level Competition for Science & Technology

As a part of the promotion of our vision, we are initiating an Annual National Level Contest for Students from various sectors. 

Registrations From 1st December Onwards


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